Infection control regarding Covid-19

Reminder; parents are not allowed to participate during training ie, the children must must enter the center alone. Small exceptions are made with new members and the mini Qwan Ki Do sessions.
After delivery, you must leave the center. If you have any questions, please communicate using Spond to the signatory or one of the instructors.
These restrictions will stay in effect as long as we are at code yellow of the pandemic.

Anyone who enters the training center must use the hand disinfectant placed just inside the entrance.

Try as best as you can to keep your distance when delivering and picking up at the center.
For mild symptoms, stay home.

Members should not enter the center until 5 minutes before training starts. It is not allowed to “hang” around in the gym before or after the training starts.

I hope everyone will respect these rules. We have members in the risk group who wants to participate and not get infected.

Preventive work at the center:
Between training sessions, we disinfect the gym and we have hand disinfectant placed around the center. The instructors makes sure that we keep our distance during the training.
It should be safe to practice Qwan Ki Do.

With the hope of an infection-free season for all of you.

Vo Sinh Cecilie