Qwan Ki Do is a synthesis of four martial arts schools from China and Vietnam. From the Chinese cultural heritage, it has incorporated three martial arts schools:

  1. Shao LIN or Thieu Lam, which originated from many different techniques, including jumping kick techniques (chin NA / CAM NA techniques).
  2. WO MEI or NGA MI, from Emei Shan, who has contributed with grappling and projection techniques, but also various animal and fist techniques.
  3. Tang LANG LANG or Duong, from southern China, typical of Hakka ethny, is a technique based on the impression of the kneeler. It is characterized by rapid attacks on the upper body, with the aim of hitting vital places, or even putting out joints.

From the Vietnamese martial arts schools, Qwan Ki Do has taken the typical flying scissors techniques, as well as free boxing.

In it’s current form, Qwan Ki Do is the result of more than 25 years of study and research, conducted by the Vietnamese martial arts expert Pham Xuân Tong, who thereby fulfills Chau Quan Ky’s will.