Sandnes Qwan Ki Do Club

E-mail: leder-sandnes(at)
Phone nr: 
Org. nr.: 990322937
Operating account: 1503.30.44353
Gift account: 1503.88.72785

Huânh Su Thor Erik Toftevåg,
Black belt, 2. dang
Huong Su Alex Palatnik
Assistant Instructors:
Vo Sinh Tuva Eide-Eklund,
Blue belt
Training fee:
Membership fee is invoiced semi-annually.
A 25% family discount is given per member after member no. 1
Membership Contingent 250, – per. year (mandatory). Invoiced once a year, and covers membership in Sandnes Qwan Ki Do club and insurance with the Norwegian Martial Arts Association.
Qwan Ki Do pass 300, – (mandatory). Invoiced at the same time as registration.
Price suit (Vo Phuc):
From NOK 1150, – to 1450, – depending on size. For a bundle purchase of a suit, badges and belt, a 10% discount is given.

Price rating:
Children 6-12 years 200, –
Adult 13 years + 300, –
Black: 600, – (includes belt)
Protective gear:
There is a requirement for protective gear purchased by the club. Prices vary with age

Training times children:

Monday Tuesday Thursday Sunday
Mini 3-5 years 17:30-18:15
Up to and including 1 red stripe on white belt / 1st. Cap (6-12years) 18:15-19:00 17:30-18:15
Up to and including 2 red stripes on white belt / 2nd. Cap (8-12years) 18:15-19:00 17:30-18:15

Training times adults:
Monday Tuesday Thursday Sunday
Everyone 17:00-18:30 19:00-20:30 19:00-20:30
Everyone(self training) 17:00-18:30

Yearly fee:
Children 3-12 years Youth 13-17 years Adult 18+
NOK 1900,- 2200,- 2700,-

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Questions? Send an e-mail to leder-sandnes (at), or call +4791860225

Sandnes Kampsportsenter
Hovebakken 7,
Kvelluren næringspark, Sandnes

Hall 2. The middle hall in the center