Sandnes Qwan Ki Do Club

E-mail: leder-sandnes(at)
Phone nr: 
Org. nr.: 990322937
Operating account: 1503.30.44353
Gift account: 1503.88.72785

Vo Su David Lamignan Larsen,
black belt, 4. dang
Huânh Su Thor Erik Toftevåg,
Black belt, 2. dang
Huong Su Anna Wozniac,
Black belt
Huong Su, Jakub Gadocha,
Black belt
Assistant Instructors:
Vo Sinh Nhu Ha Nguyen,
Blue belt
Training fee:
Membership fee is invoiced semi-annually.
A 25% family discount is given per member after member no. 1
Membership Contingent 250, – per. year (mandatory). Invoiced once a year, and covers membership in Sandnes Qwan Ki Do club and insurance with the Norwegian Martial Arts Association.
Qwan Ki Do pass 300, – (mandatory). Invoiced at the same time as registration.
Price suit (Vo Phuc):
From NOK 1150, – to 1450, – depending on size. For a bundle purchase of a suit, badges and belt, a 10% discount is given.

Price rating:
Children 6-12 years 200, –
Adult 13 years + 300, –
Black: 600, – (includes belt)
Protective gear:
There is a requirement for protective gear purchased by the club. Prices vary with age

Training times children:

Monday Tuesday Thursday Sunday
Mini 3-5 years 17:30-18:15
Up to and including 1 red stripe on white belt / 1st. Cap (6-12years) 18:15-19:00 17:30-18:15
Up to and including 2 red stripes on white belt / 2nd. Cap (8-12years) 18:15-19:00 17:30-18:15

Training times adults:
Monday Tuesday Thursday Sunday
Everyone 17:00-18:30 19:00-20:30 19:00-20:30
Everyone(self training) 17:00-18:30

Yearly fee:
Children 3-12 years Youth 13-17 years Adult 18+
NOK 1900,- 2200,- 2700,-

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Questions? Send an e-mail to leder-sandnes (at), or call +4791860225

Sandnes Kampsportsenter
Hovebakken 7,
Kvelluren næringspark, Sandnes

Hall 2. The middle hall in the center