Norwegian Qwan Ki Do federation

Qwan Ki Do is a Chinese / Vietnamese martial art that has its origins in Kung Fu. It can trace its roots back to 2500 BC, but was first officially founded in Paris in 1981, by the current Grand Master Pham Xuân Tong.

Qwan Ki Do is a very versatile martial art that contains techniques from several different styles, where the focus is on striking, kicks, throws, self-defense, forms, competitive combat, immobilization techniques, combat with traditional weapons, as well as the distinctive scissor kicks.
Qwan Ki Do Norway was founded by Vo Su David Lamignan Larsen in 1998 when he started Sandnes Qwan KI Do club. In retrospect, he has also started NTNUi Qwan Ki Do club in Trondheim, as well as Stavanger Qwan Ki Do club. The clubs have a strong unity and cooperation, and they arrange training camps practicing weapon techniques and forms together.