Thầy Chưởng Môn Pham Xuan Tong

Founder and Grand Master Pham Xuan Tong

As a child in his home country Viêt Nam, PHÂM Xuan Tong had the honor of being a student of Grand Master – Dai Su CHÂU QUAN KY. For almost 15 years at the martial arts school VO DUONG HÔ HAC TRAO, PHÂM Xuan Tong deepened his knowledge and mastery of various styles from Hakkas: Thiêu Lâm Nam Phai, Nga Mi Phai, and Châu Gia Duong Lang Phai (Kneeling style from Châu’s family). He also increased his knowledge in Vietnamese Martial Arts such as Vo Quang Binh, Vo Binh Dinh and Vo Bac Ninh. Young PHÂM Xuan Tong was also taught by his Uncle PHAM TRU who in turn was taught by his great-grandfather PHAN VAN MIÊNG, who was very famous in the late 19th century in the city of Dông Hoi (Quang Binh Province).

After his arrival in France in 1968, Master PHÂM Xuan Tong helped promote Vietnamese martial arts among other federations before dedicating himself to the foundation of his own method, QWAN KI DO. The method was founded after 25 years of research and training.

Living in France, he was aware that his distance from Viet Nam could expose him to a lack of progress in his martial arts. Because of this and his passion for research, he socialized with other masters and experts in Vietnamese styles in France. These included Master Trân Phuoc Tasteyre, Master Nguyên Dân Phu and Master Trân Minh Long. Together they held regular seminars where they exchanged techniques and trained together.

For his personal progress, Master PHÂM Xuan Tong studied the manuscripts and personal documents he had inherited from Grand Master CHAU Quan Ky.

The name QWAN KI DO was first introduced in 1981 by Master PHÂM Xuan Tong. It was at that time that one first noticed a third influence in the martial art, “French culture”. In fact, recent Western discoveries in physical activity, physiology, and teaching became part of his method.

Since then, Master PHÂM Xuan Tong has been continuously working on his personal development. He managed to resume contact with his Vietnamese students who had sought refuge in various countries. He continued to seize every opportunity to improve in the martial arts that Master Chau Quan Ky and his great-grandfather PHAN Van Miêng had trained him in.