Co Vo Dao (weapons)

Weapons we train with in Qwan Ki Do include Bong (long stick), Ma dao (Chinese chopper), Song Côt (short sticks) and Lông Gian (Nunchaku).

The purpose of weapons training is to learn the difference between life and death. One quickly realizes how deadly weapons can be. There is a drastic difference between a regular fight and a weapons fight. For example: a blow to the chest will overwhelm, but the same technique done with a sword kills. Therefore, weapons training requires greater mental focus than regular training, and it gives students a better understanding of life and death.

In Co Vo Dao, the weapon is to be used as a natural extension of the body. Most basic techniques in Qwan Ki Do can be performed with weapons in hand, therefore training in basic techniques is a necessity for weapons training. The most relevant weapons to date are Bong (long stick) or Song Côt (short sticks). The movements one learns with these weapons can, for example, be replaced with; a broom, billiard cue, umbrella or a rolled up newspaper.

In the video below Thầy Chưởng Môn Pham Xuân Tong demonstrates how to use a shovel as a weapon.