Tâm Thê


Training for body and mind
Tâm or Tâm Linh: mental / mental state
Thea: The body and the body’s energy

All Asian physical techniques refer to energy. This energy is a life force that is available in each and every one of us. The life force can be utilized in different ways, but few know the secret. The knowledge and discovery of this power, plus the ability to find and use it, is a common feature of all Asian physical disciplines. Those who have not grown up with this understanding of the body may become confused and unable to understand the concept when offered without explanations. Is there a form of exercise that can make us aware of this power? From the time we are born, everything is learned through concrete experiences; lived and felt. These experiences can then become abstract thinking / understanding. An example: If we stand by a fireplace that burns well and gets warm, we learn what is in the word “warm”. This enables abstract use of the word, as in “warm about the heart”.


The concrete experience provides an understanding of the abstract expression. There is a training technique based on the same principle for understanding, perceiving and invoking the life force. This method is initially concrete, very physical and is based on previous experiences. It is also dependent on mechanical (muscular) energy, which leads to a more abstract concept and more subtle forms of energy, such as mental energy and spiritual healing energy. Tâm Thê training offers guidance to the student in its development through this approach.