The origins of Qwan Ki Do

As a young child, in his homeland of Viêt Nam, young Pham Xuan Tong had the privilege of becoming a student to a Great Master of Martial Arts: Dai Su * Châu Quan Ky

For almost 15 years, at the school called Vo Duong Hô Hac Trao, young Pham Xuan Tong deepened his knowledge and mastered several styles of Hakkas : Thiêu Lâm Nam Phai, Nga Mi Phai, and Châu Gia Duong Lang Phai (the Mantis style of the Châu family).

He also increased his knowledge of Vietnamese Martial Arts derived from very ancient Vietnamese methods including Vo Quang Binh, Vo Binh Dinh and Vo Bac Ninh (Quan Khi ..). Young PHAM XUAN TONG trained with his great uncle PHAM TRU who himself learned from his great grand-father Phan Van Miêng, who was very well known towards the end of the nineteenth century in the city of Dông Hoi (Quang Binh Province).

While living in Viêt Nam, young Pham Xuan Tong greatly benefited from the experience of several of the country’s best experts and perfected his training.

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