An overview of the Chinese martial arts style of the “Hakkas” People

The name Hakkas literally means “Traveling families”.  These two words Hak and Ka are pronounced in Mandarin (official Chinese), K’ê Chia, Hakka, Hac Ka. They were transformed by the Vietnamese who say “He”.
The Hakkas lived in China in the area which covers the provinces of FouKien , Kwan Si and KwangTung. The major cities are Mei Hien and Ki Aing (Mai Huyên and Gia Hung) in the province of KwangTung.  The Hakkas are known for their love of learning.  They are energetic, courageous, skillful and most of all very learned in martial arts (T’ a Kung Fu).  They are able to deal with life’s challenges and excel in getting ahead.
Under the Manchurian Dynasty of Tsing “Thanh Triêu 1644-1911” among the leaders of the “Tai-Ping Revolution”, were Hông and Yang both Hakkas (Hông Tu Toàn). There were excellent physicians among the Hakka people as well as great generals.

Today the Hakkas can be found mainly in the province of KwangTung (Quang Dông) in Hwai Chow, Ki Aing Chow and Chao Chow (Huê Châu, Gia Ung Châu, Triêu Châu)